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Earth is overcrowded, dying of thirst, ravaged by war and disasters – both natural and man-made. As a hotshot pilot, you are the difference between life and death for countless millions. Only your dog fighting skills and teamwork can master the hazardous terrain, using it against your foes to gain the upper hand in uncontrolled space.

Descent’s fast-paced, six-degrees-of-freedom combat made addicts of us all! Descent’s frenetic and pulse-pounding action were light-years ahead of its 1995 release date. Like us, many of you still share war stories of your epic network battles. You remember your heroic shots, your death-defying maneuvers, and matches ending with a narrow escape as the tunnel collapsed behind you.

Sadly, as consoles took over and PC games were pushed aside by publishers, great games like Descent were left to languish in obscurity. A whole generation of gamers grew up without Descent’s heart-pounding, non-stop action, robbed of the true 6DoF space adventure that is their birthright!

We’re bringing back 6DoF by blasting Descent into the 21st century with current-generation gaming technology. Descent: Underground is more than a graphics upgrade. Get ready for multiple types of Customizable Ships! Prepare for upgradable Weapons and sensors with richly-detailed Tech Trees. Brace yourself for destructible voxel maps with new power-ups and mod tools to make your own maps and more!

  • 2315: A Fading Earth

As populations grew and the environment took its revenge on mankind, Earth’s remaining governments bankrupted themselves with last-ditch efforts to save humanity. Deep space missions sailed into the void to seek new homes for our species. They never returned. Hope waned, and nations fell.

  • Too Little, Too Late

From the ashes, Megacorporations emerged as the dominant power on Earth. With deep pockets and an insatiable desire for control, the new corporate-states sponsored ships and equipment for mining operations and signed mutually beneficial agreements to regulate the asteroid trade.

  • A Little (Un)healthy Competition

Freed from the bounds of government oversight, the megacorporations prospered, but even the seemingly boundless asteroid belt could not sate their greed. Within a few short years, open warfare erupted between the titans of industry, littering both Earth and Space with corpses.

Desperate to protect their investments, the great corporations formed alliances, signed treaties, and slowly, painfully developed rules to decide who could stake a claim. Of course, just like every other gold rush in history, there are those desperate enough to jump that claim. With a hundred million kilometers of vacuum between you and the mineral registry, all the fancy documents in the `Verse don’t amount to squat when the lasers start charging.

Game Features[edit | edit source]


Pit your skills against other pilots as you battle for critical resources in the Asteroids. Fly alongside allies of your corporation, and crush competing corps into bankruptcy. Leader Boards will be presented as a corporate ladder. Compete with other pilots in a variety of categories, including most kills, most ore harvested, most tunnels created, most missile kills, most completed Missions, and more. Create your own Corporations with friends. Rally together and fight as a team. A corporation can craft a logo, company name, and a team color scheme for their ships. Corporations will be ranked and regularly compete in massive tournaments to win glory and riches.

Fight from a distance, slug it out up close and personal, provide repair and logistical support, or harvest and haul critical resources. Build and upgrade your drones. Set traps. Secure critical passages. Defend your team. Win the day!

  • Six-Degrees-Of-Freedom Action – fly and fry foes while zipping in and out of the dizzying confines of Asteroids
  • Balanced First-Person Ship Combat and Resource Gathering – choose from eight unique ship types, each one showcasing a different play style
  • A Twenty-First Century Update – Unreal Engine 4 , top-flight graphics, rich design, and a modern twist on Descent’s classic multiplayer modes
  • Go Home a Hero – annihilate your opponents, gather desperately needed resources, bring home the bacon